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    "its not fair girls can wear pants and guys cant wear dresses" stfu yes you can. go to jc pennys. buy a cute dress. wear the dress. if anyone says you cant wear the dress. slay them.congratulations you are wearing a dress

    the best part is that this argument is used by guys to try and prevent girls wearing trousers, but who is preventing men from wearing dresses? is it women? oh wait no it’s men and the patriarchy, fucking again.

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    *gets abducted by aliens* thank you. you have no idea how much i hated living on that planet

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    Reversed GIFs [via]

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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully


    she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

  6. I just started playing Town Of Salem and oh my god I love it so much. Everyone should play this

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    "Vicious" Leopard seal tries to keep national geographic photographer alive by feeding him penguins.

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    the best part about this is not the statement; it’s how they are both equally irritated by this stupid social norm

    Except that men can wear dresses outside without being arrested but in most places women can’t be topless along side their male peers without being thrown in jail. It’s not the same thing at all. 

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    After threats against her life, Anita Sarkeesian canceled an upcoming talk at Utah State University. Gamergate trolls are celebrating on Twitter while simultaneously dismissing the threats as nothing. Does this read like nothing to you?

    “I will write my manifesto in her spilled blood, and you will all bear witness to what feminist lies and poison have done to the men of America.”

    The email’s author threatened to murder feminist women indiscriminately in a mass shooting. And because carrying guns on campus outweigh the right of students and guests to be safe, Anita Sarkeesian canceled her talk.



    The bullies won this time. And if you think this shit isn’t dangerous, I’m fresh out of fucks to give and I’m not restocking any time soon. It’s goddamn wrong to to dismiss this by claiming the author isn’t serious. Elliot Rodger’s rantings were dismissed until it was too late.

    This. Is. Not. OK.

    guns… literally more important than the lives of women in the state of loveable mormons

    I go to the University of Utah and I literally had no idea this was happening. Wow. Not surprised though. There’s a lot of hatred here, under the repressed white heteronormativity.

    Ugh, she was going to go through with the talk too and the college was helping her and not allowing backpacks it the auditorium but yet again it was the POLICE that failed women and it was lack of GUN CONTROL LAWS that continued to put her in danger. But if women just carry guns they’ll be safer, right NRA? 

  11. BREAKING: 40,000 Voter-Registration Applications Submitted by Blacks and Hispanics Disappear in Ga. →





    It’s one thing to misplace your keys, your wallet, a receipt from Macy’s or your favorite pen, but Georgia’s secretary of state cannot account for approximately 40,000 voter-registration applications that, if processed, would enfranchise predominantly black and Hispanic Georgians.

    According to an Al-Jazeera report, it’s a sentiment that the staffers at Third Sector Development are expressing. The nonprofit organization was on a mission to register as many black and Hispanic people in the state of Georgia as possible so that voter turnout for the upcoming midterm elections in November would be high. And they were successful at it, until they received word that about half of the applications they submitted for processing have gone missing in action.

    “Over the last few months, the group submitted some 80,000 voter-registration forms to the Georgia secretary of state’s office—but as of last week, about half those new registrants, more than 40,000 Georgians, were still not listed on preliminary voter rolls. And there is no public record of those 40,000-plus applications, according to state Rep. Stacey Adams, a Democrat,” Al-Jazeera explained.

    Georgia Secretary of State Brain Kemp explained that his office is not doing anything differently from how it usually processes applications. But some people aren’t buying his story, seeing as how he’s a Republican, and black and Hispanic people tend to vote for Democrats.

    Georgia Republicans have been raising eyebrows for some time now with regard to early voting and voter-ID issues. One state Republican didn’t like how black and Hispanic voters had easy access to early-voting opportunities.

    The “Republican whip of the state Senate complained that DeKalb County, Ga., was making it too easy for minorities to vote by allowing early voting in an area mall close to many predominantly African-American churches,” Think Progress reports.

    Third Sector Development is not taking lightly the news that no one knows what became of its hard work to get people to register to vote. The group is going to court so that a judge can look into it.

    “To that end, Third Sector Development announced yesterday that, after weeks of fruitless negotiations with the state, they were going to court to find out the status of the missing registrations—or, more to the point, the eligibility of more than 40,000 potential voters,” Al-Jazeera reports.

    Read more at Al-Jazeera and Think Progress.  

    Source: Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele for The Root

    Woooow. You see how they do??


    This happened at my undergrad—the county courthouse “lost” over a hundred registration cards that had been collected on campus, because they didn’t like the idea of students voting in local elections. But this to orders of magnitude more frightening.

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    OK so I can’t be the only person who was a little bit sceptical when Jared said (at Torcon) that Gadreel talked in iambic pentameter (“I bet he just talks in iambs but not in petameter,” I thought) (OH MAN I AM SUCH A GEEK) - but turns out I was being unfair. He only does it in Holy Terror and Road Trip, the two episodes where Gadreel’s true identity has been revealed: but all the lines above are taken from those episodes and all of them are lines of iambic pentameter (there are more but the gifset was getting too long).

    [Hopefully this explanatory section isn’t too obnoxious, as everybody everywhere in the world has to do Shakespeare at school (and why not, he’s awesome) so you probably know this; but in case you needed your memory jogged:

    Poetry written in iambic pentameter is written in lines of five two-syllable feet (called ‘iambs’). The first syllable is unstressed and the second syllable is stressed: for example, the word ‘comPARE’ makes up an iamb because in natural English speech you stress the second syllable. Shakespeare uses this metre a lot, e.g. ‘Shall I compare you to a summer’s day’.

    In the gifs I’ve put stressed syllables in red. If you read the lines stressing those syllables, you should find that fits with the natural cadence of the words.

    Jared’s performance of the lines doesn’t always stress those syllables with complete regularity - for example, he says ‘But Metatron, would that not make YOU God?’ - but that’s just good reading. If everybody read iambic pentameter with repetitive, exaggerated emphasis it would sound really boring and unnatural. OK, end of English class!]

    This. This is all correct.


  13. Why Saturday Night Live Writers Lean on Kenan Thompson | Slate →




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2,400 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Perfect for EVERY occasion 
The donut chain created the special ‘Double Hundred Dozen’ as part of its new ‘Occasions’ offering which caters to large scale events and parties. 

#”hello yes i would like 2400 donuts”#” okay sir what event are you hosting?”#”the event is called ‘i am going to eat 2400 donuts’ ”



    2,400 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Perfect for EVERY occasion 

    The donut chain created the special ‘Double Hundred Dozen’ as part of its new ‘Occasions’ offering which caters to large scale events and parties. 

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